Digital Power for Freight Forwarders

Be wherever your customers need you. Always.

Digital Forwarder created the first SaaS technology platform that empowers freight forwarders to become part of digital age.


Increase your response capacity

Avoid telephone & e-mail dependency, generate online and automatic means of communication.


Secure Data Management

Centralize and Manage your customers information to improve performance, with an agile and secure private digital channel.



Increase productivity by reducing the necessity of offline Customer Service by providing an online Dashboard.


Mobile app for iOS and Android

Let your customers interact with your company on the go and boost your marketing campaigns.


AI for online pricing

Reduce quoting time to zero with automatic & immediate quotations with pre-defined markups, powered by algorithms of AI.


Evolve with your customers

Our digital channels cover the screens your customers interact with every day and as they change their habits you’ll be there too

Improve sales processes

Everyone is Going Digital

Empower your sales department by acquiring a loyal component than has zero risk of leaving to a competitor, also and gain access to innovative marketing services that will help you increase your commercial outreach.

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Implement and Track Commercial Strategies professionally

Add an online marketing expert without hiring someone; use technology to segment your customer base and apply personalized campaigns to each customer.

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Offer real-time status updates for ocean shipments

Thanks to our web and mobile application, your customers can access the status of their cargo in real-time, notifying each new milestone instantly.

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Platform Customization

Choose between the different color options for a better match with your corporate image.

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Worldwide Payment Coverage.

Locally-relevant payment methods

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Ready to revolutionize your business? Our plug & play software solution will make you part of the internet era just in 24hs. Get the advice of our professionals and choose the license that fits your business better.

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